Focus, Confidence, & Discipline

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Class Descriptions

Tiny Dragons

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The Tiny Dragons program is structured to encourage the growing minds of children. Students develop discipline, gross motor and communication skills. Classes include number recognition, memory and self-defense techniques. Children are taught strength, flexibility, coordination and body control which enhance their self-confidence and ability to concentrate.

Class Schedule
Tues, Thurs – 5pm to 6pm | (2-3-year-olds)

Lil Dragon Karate

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The Lil Dragon program offers children a strong foundation in essential character qualities such as courtesy, respect, social awareness and discipline. Students will improve in motor skills and in their ability to concentrate and follow directions.

Class Schedule
Mon, Wed, Fri – 5pm to 6pm | (4-7-year-olds)

Junior Belt-Tae Ryu Jitsu

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Class Schedule
Mon, Wed, Fri – 6pm to 7pm | (8-12 year-olds)