Focus, Confidence, & Discipline

Looking for a quality martial arts program in the St. Louis Metro East Area?

Since 2005, we’ve been providing martial arts instruction in the O’Fallon, Swansea, Belleville, SAFB and Southwestern, IL/St. Louis Metro East areas. Our certified, expert instructors offer quality programs in a safe and caring environment. Our goal is to give each student personal attention and encouragement to help them reach their potential.

Led by Master Rocky Fountain, our academy offers a variety of classes for various ages and skill levels including preschool martial arts, kid kick, teen karate, adult karate, mixed martial arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, tae ryu jitsu karate, self-defense, personal training, self-discipline training, weight loss, and more.

Each program is designed to bring out the best in our students. Students will have fun and gain a sense of mastery that will improve their mental and physical strength. We offer competitive pricing including military discounts and multiple family member discounts.

“I started taking Martial Arts at Eagle & Dragon Martial Arts Academy with my 9 year old son 3 months ago. My goal was to help my son become better disciplined as well as improve his foot work for soccer and basketball. I have always wanted to take a class to learn how to better defend myself but worried about having the time to commit to it. After just 3 months, I have become more flexible than I have ever been even in high school. I have also strengthened my mid-section as well as my lower back. At this point, I feel confident that I could defend myself if put in a threatening situation. My endurance has increased and I have learned that committing to martial arts has made me a better person. My son, Grant, has become more disciplined in his everyday life. He has become so flexible that he can almost do the splits after just 3 months. He enjoys learning martial arts and looks forward to going every time. The Sensei makes it fun while also pushing you to the next level. He believes in you and that in turn makes you believe in yourself. He encourages as he teaches and gives positive reinforcement when you have attained your goal. I would recommend Eagle & Dragon Martial Arts Academy to anyone who wants to better themselves or their child in the areas of discipline and self-defense. I love the fact that we decided to learn together. There is nothing better than spending time with our children as you learn to be a better person.”

– Gary and Grant Johnston